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Friday, December 22

Pinkberry in the media


Click on the hypertext article title if you want to see Travel & Leisure's late arriving blurb on the oft-blogged-about yogurt emporium. My guess is that the Larchmont branch is doing close to the same numbers as Huntley, though the rent is undoubtedly higher. They have Baskin Robbins, two doors down, shaking in their boots as traffic to the ice cream shop has dropped drastically. Comparison photos to arrive here, soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that Pinkberry bribed the franchisee's of the kiwiberri @ 3rd & La Cienega into purposly running the business into the ground then sell the business to Pinkberry for a large amount.. I didnt beleive it so I went by today and it looked a mess and get this the owner even told me quote " Were closed go to Pinkberry down the street it's better" I was shocked , could the rumors be true , I came to enjoy a kiwiberri yogurt because I like the distinct tangy and clean flavor of it , why would the owner of the establishment pursuade me to go to their competitor, this is confusing and if Pinkberry does business in this manner I for one woould never step inside their store.

Saturday, January 06, 2007 6:11:00 PM  

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